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More HDD Consolidations

Techpowerup / Wall Street Journal: Samsung exiting HD business, Seagate front-runner to buy it.

News for 2011-03-22

* EXPreview: Hands-on Intel 320 series SSD
* Seagate Momentus XT SD24 firmware update tested at StorageReview; SD25 firmware is near release.
* TechPowerUp: Single-slot, slot-powered Radeon HD 6850 surfaces in Asia
* TechPowerUp: SAPPHIRE launches HD 6950 FleX, simplifies Eyefinity for gamers
* CowcotLand tests 12 PSUs from 400W to 600W including 80 Plus Gold & Platinum favorites
* How LCD panels work by Bill Hammack aka engineerguyvideo on YouTube
* Gizmag: Silicon molecules + polyvinyl alcohol = 'First-ever' permanent anti-fog coating

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News for 2011-03-14

* AMD to refresh E-Series APUs lineup in Q3, adding Turbo Core technology.
* AMD FX ''Zambezi'' Processor Box-Art Revealed
* AMD Bulldozer chips in June, Llano (Fusion) in July. (Llano is the desktop/mid range option)
* Pricing for systems with Bulldozer and A Series Fusion chips leaked.
* TechPowerUp Radeon Bios Editor v1.28 released
* Scythe Announces New Card Reader Kama Reader Jr
* Antec Sonata IV case review

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News for 2011-03-07

* Anandtech reviews HuntKey Jumper/R90 300W 80Plus Gold PSU
* MSI, ASUS, Gigabyte to raise motherboard prices shortly
* WD to acquire Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (one less HDD manufacturer in the world)

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News for 2011-03-04

* Superflower Golden King 550W (80 Plus Platinum) reviewed at JonnyGURU
* Corsair announces USB 3.0 Upgrade Kit for Obsidian Series Cases
* Musing on the state of motherboards at The Tech Report
* Thortech shows off 80 Plus Platinum power supply at CeBIT 2011
* MSI to launch AM3+ motherboards for Bulldozer in April, will have to use AM3 CPUs until June?
* Mazda Recalls 65,000 Cars... over Spider Webs

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News for 2011-03-01

* MSI Afterburner v2.1.0 (2011-02-15) released
* Intel 510 SSDs released March 1st 2011 (Marvell controller like C300/C400)
* Intel 320 SSDs coming in mid-April 2011 (Intel G3 controller?)
* WSGF updates 3x1 and 5x1 Eyefinity Benchmarks. Tests AMD HD 6800/6900 cards.
* 2010 Engadget Awards -- Editors' Choice
* AMD to Showcase Bulldozer Microprocessors at CeBIT Show this week.
* Hardware-Infos: AMD Bulldozer CPUs compatible with AM3 (in German)
* Intel rumored to add cache logic to future chipsets to allow a SSD to work in hybrid mode with a traditional hard drive.

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News for 2011-02-23

* AMD "Ready. Willing. And Stable." (SB alternatives suggested)
* Intel 510-series SSDs due to arrive on March 1
* CEA Study finds dramatic increase in TV energy efficiency
* SSD manufacturers will label 25nm SSDs differently

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News for 2011-02-17

* AMD Releases Catalyst 11.2 WHQL Drivers

* OCZ Vertex 2 25nm Review (OCZSSD2-2VTXE60G)

* OCZ Vertex 3 Pro Preview: The First SF-2500 SSD at Anandtech
# Anand discusses 25nm flash wear out.
# Vertex 3 Pro sample has 32nm flash, Vertex 3 retail will have 25nm flash.
# Kingston V+100 test results pulled from Anandtech's most recent charts. Drive to be retested next week.
# Sandforce 1200 TRIM limitations explored

* PhotoFast Announces GMonster3-XV2 Series SATA SSD (Marvell controller)

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News for 2011-02-15

* Budget System Builder’s Guide February 2011
* TechPowerUp reviews the MSI Radeon HD 6870 HAWK 1 GB
* StorageReview documents drop in performance with OCZ 60GB 25nm vs 34nm SSDs
* Wall street thinks it's April 1st (AMD Rumor)

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News for 2011-02-10

* Flashplayer 10.2 supports ATI/AMD Video card acceleration (including AMD’s low-power C-Series and E-Series processors)
* 25nm flash reduces usable capacity of Sandforce drives by forcing increase in flash for RAISE functionality.
* 25nm flash version of OCZ Vertex 2 has slower write speeds and is not labeled any differently than 34nm version
* Dustin at covers the Puget Systems Serenity SPCR Edition

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News for 2011-02-08

* SilverStone Strider Gold ST75F-G 750W
* MSI unleashes R6870 HAWK (Performance & Silent Mode in dual BIOS)
* AMD Outs Radeon HD 6670, HD 6570, HD 6450 for OEMs only
* Gigabyte free tool to check 6-Series SATA issue on any brand motherboard
* Updated Noctua NH-C14 (support bar with rubberized tips)

News for 2011-02-03

* AMD updates Phenom II prices
* Do large downloads need a Not Safe for Canada tag/badge?
* Intel SSD firmware updates for G2 (34nm) drives
* OCZ Technology introduces ZX Series 80 Plus Gold modular PSUs
f* StarTech launches first SATA HDD docks to support sour drives simultaneously

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News for 2011-02-01

* Sharky Extreme Biweekly Memory Prices
* Noctua NH-C14 review at X-bit labs
* Intel expects $1 Billion hit from chipset flaw
* Anand gets details on Intel Chipset flaw

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News for 2011-01-27

* Intel 510 SSDs in Feb 2011
* AMD Catalyst 11.1 WHQL and 11.1a Hotfix - Latest video drivers w/ major improvements
* Scythe announces Universal Retention Kit 3
* LibreOffice 3.3 Final (2011-01-25) (fork/replacement for OpenOffice)
* Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid HD problems pile up

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News for 2011-01-25

* Kingston seeking stake in SATA specialist JMicron (expect more JMicron based SSDs from Kingston)
* Super Flower first-to-market 80 Plus Platinum modular PSU
* Nvidia releases eForce GTX 560 Ti; AMD responds by dropping prices of Radeon HD 6800/6900 products
* AMD to release new driver for performance improvements to all HD 6000 series GPUs
* Scythe announces Setsugen 2 VGA Cooler
* NZXT Sentry LXE fan controller review. 5 fans with separate RPM control on a touchscreen, 5 thermal sensors, alarms.
* Asus expects motherboard prices to rise 15%, may affect video card prices as well.
* LCD monitor that draws only 5W has no separate power cord: Data and power supplied over USB.

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