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Eight Years of SPCR

Eight naturally follows seven, but as usual, SPCR's birthday did its bushwhack
number, creeping up and shocking me like a ninja. Oh, I remembered it was coming,
and planned a new Computer Silencing in 2010 article to celebrate the event.
That was a few weeks ago. Alas, such thoughts were swept under the dailly rhythm
of umpteen emails, testing gear, solving umpteen issues around machines and
people, and the press of web publishing.

All I can say is that Silent PC Review is officially eight years old today.
I would like to thank all the supporters whose donations helped SPCR come this
far, and hopefully go farther into the future. Much thanks, too, for all the
corporate supporters over the years. SPCR's
anechoic chamber
remains the high point of all this support, and it has
become the unique centerpoint of our identity among tech web sites. Thank you

Computer Silencing in 2010 is actually in the works, somewhere in the recesses
of my overloaded brain. Hopefully it will see the light of your monitor before
the title becomes dated. In the meanwhile, you might want to consider the
more thoughtful post I made when SPCR turned seven

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