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Post by badkarma » Thu Sep 04, 2008 10:26 am

theycallmebruce wrote:badkarma, how did you go flashing gPXE into your NIC or motherboard BIOS? I'm looking for a recommendation for PCI Express gigabit NICs with jumbo frame support and programmable rom for PXE. Any suggestions?
I haven't... yet. You can use the chainloading method with any PXE enabled NIC (I think ALL NIC's these days). Which is one of the nice things with gPXE, it'll work with pretty much all existing hardware.

Basically you setup your dhcp to send the tftp commands to your tftp server, which serves the gPXE bootloader. Then you have the DHCP server send the aoe commands to DHCP requests that only have the gPXE vendor id or some other way to differentiate the dhcp request.

I've been hoping to flash my motherboard bios to replace the PXE rom in my motherboard, however in all honesty it probably will only save me 5sec of boot time.

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