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Post by reddyuday » Mon Jan 25, 2010 8:06 am

stevea wrote: I've had this kb for about 1yr and like it a lot - best KB I've ever owned.
I am glad. As for myself, I am still trying to make up my mind. Even independent of the Menu key issue, I am not yet comfortable with the touch style of the keyboard. It keeps missing key strokes and I haven't been able to develop a proper rhythm for typing.
But a sincere question ... can't you remap your KB under Windoze so if you *need* some specific key not present on the KB then you can simply map the function to some other key ?
If there was a 'Windows' key on the right side, it would have been relatively simple to remap it. But Logitech removed the Windows key, and put an oversized FN key in its place. Logitech support told me that the FN key cannot be remaped. (I assumed that it is being handled inside the keyboard hardware, and not being sent to Windows.) If you are able to remap it under Linux, then please let me know how and I will see if a similar remapping might be possible under Windows as well.

Windows doesn't provide a standard mechanism to remap keys. Either the hardware manufacturers provide such software, or one has to use some third party software.

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