Projectors, pico projectors, and quiet

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Projectors, pico projectors, and quiet

Post by qviri » Sat Apr 28, 2012 7:51 pm

Hi! Long time no write here.

(Not sure if this should go in Video Cards & Monitors? Are projectors monitors? Mods, feel free to move.)

I have a project in mind that would use one or more smallish projectors to display basic data (time, weather, bus schedules, etc) on empty stretches of wall to get more flexibility and avoid having to use screens and their usual cables. Quiet is obviously important.

Last discussion on the topic I found on SPCR was the silent video projector? thread in September 2010. That thread also focused primarily on HD/home theatre projectors. I have no need for HD (even 640p should be fine) and in fact would prefer something smaller and cheaper. Even something like this $230 Acer-branded thing might be sufficient.

Has projector technology moved forward significantly in the past year and a half? Are cheap low-def projectors that are genuinely-SPCR 21-23 dBA out there? Does anyone have any particular recommendations or thoughts? Has anyone played with those pico/travel projectors? Has anyone ever opened up and modded a projector?

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Re: Projectors, pico projectors, and quiet

Post by fastturtle » Wed Apr 10, 2013 9:07 pm

What you may want are called Pico Projectors. Google for them. As they aren't very bright (low power) they wash out pretty easy but should offer what you're looking for.
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