Asus P5Q-EM G45 mATX motherboard

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Re: Asus P5Q-EM G45 mATX motherboard

Post by cloneman » Sun Oct 27, 2019 9:11 pm

This has become my Dad's PC, 10 years later.
I'm noticing the NorthBridge heatsink hits 75C under load (albeit this is with a C2Q 9500 and all 4 memory banks @ 2.1V). I'm thinking it's going to need more airflow. If the heatsink is 75C the chip itself must be at least 85C. Also, I don't see a valid temp sensor for the NB, that's disappointing.

Yes, I'm aware most people in this thread probably have children that are younger than this board now :lol:

It runs Linux Mint fairy well and even playsback Youtube up to 1440p with no help from the GPU.
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