Measuring the Efficiency of mCubed's Borg Heatpipes

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Post by BrytaPlanka » Mon Sep 25, 2006 8:54 am

I have an idea!
Try getting this openair case. Then use a Borg HPC from the processor, a Borg HGCthe graphic card and a Borg HBC from the motherboard and lead them to the top of the case. There you figure out a way to mount a Ninja to each heatpipe and mount the heatpipes there without risking falling parts. Maybe even get SLI and have 4 Ninjas at top. :lol: Because heat go up it shouldnt bother the stuffs in the case. And the case makes everything dust proof. The Yesico power supply seems pretty good to..

Pretty cool idea huh! :)
I dont have the money to try it though..

Im posting this idea in a new thread instead...
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