My take on the NSK-3480

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My take on the NSK-3480

Post by tipo33 » Sat Mar 22, 2014 9:23 am

My 3480 has gone through a few revisions before I've been proud enough to post it here, so here it is:
4 gigs of Corsair XMS3
Scythe Big Shiriken Rev. B
Seasonic X-400 Platinum
Intel dual gigabit ethernet card
an Atheros 9280 wireless card
Scythe Kama-Bay
Seagate Barracuda Green 2T
some DVD burner I had lying around
600rpm Scythe fans on the CPU cooler and on the rear.

This is my server, It quietly runs inbetween the rest of my computers and the real world. lol. I BARELY squeezed the optical drive in there, and this is the last of my computers to have one, the rest access this one remotely. The Scythe Kama-Bay is not quiet with drives in it, but is cheap and useful for quick backups. As many with this case here on SPCR have, I drilled holes in it for cable routing. I plan to buy some more longer SATA cables to clean it up. Overall, it is a quiet and reliable, just what I need.


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Re: My take on the NSK-3480

Post by Jay_S » Fri Mar 28, 2014 9:49 am

Nice! My NSK3480 is still going strong as my main desktop / gaming machine. I have the itch to go smaller, but most of the mITX cases that can hold a 13" long GPU are not much smaller than the NSK3480.

Your X-400 PSU has the same dimensions as my X-650. When I installed the X-650, I didn't even try to re-use my optical drive. But your build gives me hope; this weekend I may try to get it back in there. I need it this weekend to reinstall W7 to a new SSD, so I might as well try to get it inside the case.

I laughed at your "holes drilled in it" ... mine too. I'm actually thinking about cutting some huge holes in the bottom so my GPU can breathe a little better.
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