Fanless miniature PC

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Fanless miniature PC

Post by grant2 » Fri Nov 11, 2016 3:28 pm

comp36-m s.jpg
  • Streacome FC8 Evo case
  • Zotac GTX 750 low-profile graphics
  • Celeron 35w TDP w/ M-ITX mobo
  • Heatpipes from Newark
  • 2.5" SSD
  • PicoPSU
comp16-m s.jpg
Hardware is about 2 years old now. It works well enough for my light gaming.

Heat pipes only work decently when they're vertical, so the case has to left on its side.

The case heatsink can't handle all of of the heat that the card generates, I use MSI Afterburner to limit the temperature to 78 degrees C. This results in approximately 20% throttling, i.e., the card reaches ~80% of stock performance.
Drilled new bolt holes into the case heat sink. The bolt holes are where the heat pipe brackets are attached.
Hard drive and heat pipes are all mounted with 3/4" wide aluminum bar. A single heatpipe that long might not be able to transfer all of the heat from the graphics card, so I have a 2 heatpipes.
Case has a hole for a standard AC connector. I cut out a piece of the rear grill and also attached the connector for the higher power 4-pin AC converters.
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