New Case: Antec P110s, Antec P101s or Be Quiet PB/SB 600/601

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New Case: Antec P110s, Antec P101s or Be Quiet PB/SB 600/601

Post by Pierre » Tue Feb 04, 2020 8:51 am

So, despite being overall happy with my huge 67cm tall Chieftec Full Tower ( ... etail.html), I am seriously considering buying a new case with the following attributes
- well made, Sturdy (08-1.00mm Steel)
- with easily removable dust filters
- not taller than 50-55cm.
- with at least 3 to 4 HDD bays available.
- generally as low-budget as I can get for being pleased.
- non-windowed sides / closed top

I had been looking at cases like Be Quiet PureBase 600 / SilentBase 601, but availability is short and shipped they cost 90 / 110-120 EUR respectively and I don't like BQ policy of requiring extra cost to support the available 3.5" bays...
I was also looking at cases like Phanteks Enthoo Pro at 135 EUR....Silverstone KL07 at 120-130EUR... well as proper expensive ones like Fractal Design R6 at 165 EUR and Be Quiet Dark Base 900 at 175 EUR...

But I don't really want to spend over 100EUR....Plus, these new cases cut-down so much on storage features that it just doesn't seem they would adequately and long-term provide for different scenarios...I would consider spending more, if I were to get a Case that I could foreseeably not find any reason to replace ( I now have switched most of my HDDs to external ones, but that was mostly due to pricing)

So I'm currently considering 2 cases which have been receiving great reviews.

1) Antec P110 Silent: 72 EUR shipped
It has fewer HDD bays, but at this price range it is expected. Steel thickness is 0.8-1.0mm, which is very good and cooling/noise performance seems really good (still, I am missing SPCR's reviews)

Reviews (some reference the windowed version, but they are informative) ... nd-review/ ... ,5305.html ... is-review/ ... -reviewed/

2) Antec P101 Silent: 108 EUR
I really like this case cause at ~100€ it combines old and new elements, which I can now only find at 150+ EUR price-range...worthy (and improved) successor to the P100...problem is, I'd have to wait 2 weeks for it
- many hdd bays, which are now modular, while still being rigidly screwed to the frame
- psu shroud
- 5,25 bay, which can come handy at times
Reviews: ... ent/6.html ... 114-3.html ... ndex7.html ... se-review/

A) Should I buy a new case to replace the Chieftec? I know there are things I want that this one can't provide, but not sure...could invest in Edifier speakers instead.

B) If I were to buy one, which would you buy?
- The P110S certainly covers my current needs and at 72EUR shipped with immediate availability, I think it's a great deal
- the P101s seems like a Case that could replace my current one longterm, while also having features of 150+ EUR cases...but its a 36EUR added cost...also not available immediately..I could wait, but I'm kinda bored to go through the trouble of cleaning the case, installing the new hardware (VGA, CPU) and then having to repeat it soon.

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