120mm intake with filter, 120mm exaust case

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120mm intake with filter, 120mm exaust case

Post by Kalel83 » Wed Mar 17, 2004 10:59 pm

I'm thinking of what to best use my money and am interested in a case with front and rear for a 120mm fan, as for the front something capable for a filter so my computer dosn't turn into a dust bunny. will the superlanboy, or sonta allow for a front filter?

i have two evercools, i know they are loud because of sheer airflow but that i can deal with as long as i can filter the intake (without copping its airflow in half or worse. i'm also fine with modding a pc, and this idea of a bottom intake intriges me. could the sonta have intake on the bottom, with pegs or weels to set it off the ground.

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Post by sthayashi » Thu Mar 18, 2004 5:57 am

I don't know about the Lanboy, but the Sonata COMES with a front air filter. Dunno how effective it is, but it comes with one nonetheless.

Most dustbunny problems you'll have from the Sonata will be from the punched out Antec logo on the sides at the top.

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Post by HokieESM » Thu Mar 18, 2004 6:27 am

Both the Antec SLK3700s (AMB and BQE) have front 120mm fans and dust filters. Mine stays very clean compared to my Antec 1080B (with the side fan). With the Sonata, I would be concerned with the "Antec" holes.... but others may be able to give you a better idea (since I haven't personally used one).

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Post by exxowire » Thu Mar 18, 2004 8:49 am

If you wnat to invest your money well I think you should consider buying a Antec Sonata, Antec P160, Lian Li, or a Chenbro case.

An Antec and P160 will provide you with a front filter that is very easy to clean. Antec only gives you 1 Antec 120mm fan. The Sonata comes with a Antec True Power 380 PSU, as the P160 doesn't. Please consider using a Seasonic Super Tornado or a Super Silencer for the PSU. Lian Li is a good case as many members use it. A Chenbro case is also good. But if you are concern with silence, choose the Antec case.

Anyway, for the case fans. You might want to consider using the Papst or Panaflo fans. They are good and silence.

If you want the sonata to have intake on the bottom, with pegs or weels to set it off the ground it is possible. I think I saw some members do that with a lot of effort. Try looking up the recent thread on sonata.

Good luck with the choices..

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120 mm Cases

Post by supastar » Thu Mar 18, 2004 9:26 am

IMHO the best 120 mm case is the Compucase 6A19. It has four 5.25" bays, the Sonata has three. And it doesn't have the perforations that HokieESM mentioned. I believe these holes cause a short circuit for airflow through the power supply.

Try fitting a Seasonic or Fortron 120 mm fanned power supply. That should do all the case airflow you should need. If that is not enough, add a 120 mm fan to the front of the case. The front grille has genuine slots and there is a micro mesh filter behind. Cut out the front fan metalwork, whatever you do.

I think taking air in the thru the base is a very good idea. Raise the case with rubber feet, or better still, use the spikes found on HiFi speakers. Put two 120 mm fans in, front and rear, and wire them in series to run on 6 volts. You can put filters in the base that slide into a U section that can be purchased from a DIY store. Glue them on.

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Post by Tigr » Sat Mar 20, 2004 3:41 pm

You are looking for Global WIN YCC-61F1. Don't settle for anything less :D

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