Antec 3000B front removal

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Antec 3000B front removal

Post by CuriousMike » Sun Apr 10, 2005 3:34 pm

I'm putting together my new case... and label me a nimrod... I've got the LEFT side case off ( installing mobo ), and I'm trying to pull the front of the case off via the two tabs on the bottom.

But it ain't moving, and if I apply much more force, I really think I'm going to snap something.

Ideas ?

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Post by slashdotcomma » Sun Apr 10, 2005 4:51 pm

CuriousMike, you've hit upon one of the things I dislike about the 3000B. Basically there are two "nobs/clips" at the top and multiple smaller ones that also hold the front panel to the case. I recommend taking the right side off, just so that you can ease these nobs on either side out(using a tool, fingers, etc.). After that, it's a wiggle and sort of a swing out from the bottom to get the front panel off. Maybe someone else has a better method, but mine works for me (and yeah it sucks, because I feel like I'm about to break it).

-- my $0.02

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Post by frankgehry » Sun Apr 10, 2005 5:14 pm


There have been posts about this but I'm afraid they are lost inside the multiple page return every thread search engine.

Anyway I am looking at the front of my case w/o the plastic panel and I see rectangular slots at the bottom that you can probably see from inside the case, and two smaller slots very close to the top. They each receive a plastic tab from the front panel. There is a technique to this but I've forgotten exactly how to do it, but don't force anything as I believe it should come off easily. I think you unlatch the bottom tabs from the inside and then pull out slightly while lifting up. Yes, I think that's it. - FG

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Post by CuriousMike » Sun Apr 10, 2005 7:52 pm

slash / frank,

Thanks for the tips. It's been successfully removed.

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Post by Mar. » Mon Apr 11, 2005 2:23 pm

Once you've done it a few times, it comes off a little easier. Basically what you do is press in the little buttons on either side, then slide your fingers underneath the bezel and while holding onto the bezel, go up on both sides at once, popping out all the little plastic things. It's really easy once you get the hang of it.

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