Out Of Time: the DIY case is a wash

Enclosures and acoustic damping to help quiet them.

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Out Of Time: the DIY case is a wash

Post by Lubb » Mon Aug 29, 2005 11:56 pm

The DIY case I was working on is cancelled, due to several problems in the final stages. I'll put pics and comments up somewhere. I like the idea still but I know that I won't have time to bother with it for quite a while so I'm going with store-bought for now. As is so often the circumstances, I don't have any interest in overclocking, but just want something generally quieter.
Choices so far:
Case=I'm joining the Antec P180 party. I see the problems with the bulging doors and general shipping damage. Anything else I have missed? Also am I reading the copy right when I understand that this case comes with two 120mm fans included?
Power supply: Coolmax CF-480 (fanless, cause the p180 gots a lower fan anyway).
CPU cooler=Zalman copper flower type; I am wondering if it's safe to buy the 120mm. Is there a lot of interference problems with this fan? The mobo I have is MSI K8T-neo2 FIR.
Also a Zalman fan controller, for case/PS/cpu fan. And maybe videocard fan too...?
The videocard fan I'll just leave for now, I can try running it through a controller of course. The videocard is an ATI X800XL, I'm not familiar with what other possible heat sink options there are for it but just slowing the fan down might help quite a bit. The card idles at 48-50C now and doesn't have overheating problems.
The Zalman fan controller in particular I am wondering about; the Zalman ZM-MFC1 says it has 3-pin connectors and "extension cords". So does this thing have anough fan wire to reach both ways, to anywhere on the mobo? Or can you buy more 3-pin extension cords anywhere? Or are we forced to lengthen them ourselves?

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Post by darthan » Tue Aug 30, 2005 12:16 am

If you haven't bought your CPU cooler yet then the Scythe ninja is the only way to go in a P180. I used to have the 92mm Zalman CPU heatsink and it was distinctly audible even at seven volts (after I had passive-modded my old graphics and northbridge). The Scythe in the P180 gives incredible temps with an Athlon64 system and without adding any extra fans. I'd also suggest getting ATiTool to control your video card fan speed.

Otherwise, looks good.

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Post by cotdt » Tue Aug 30, 2005 12:57 am

i second the post above.

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Post by Freelancer77 » Tue Aug 30, 2005 1:01 am

The P180 comes with THREE 120mm fans installed. Two upper exhaust fans (top and upper back), and one in the bottom chamber ensuring steady airflow for the hard drives and PSU.

Depending on the arrangement, numerous folks have removed the bottom fan for added quiet either because they have no drives in the lower cage, or because the PSU manages enough airflow to keep itself and the drives cool. Since you plan on a passive PSU, you'll need to keep that one in place.

The Zalman 7000 HSF will fit on your MSI board. If there is any doubt, go to Zalman's own website, they list compatibility for many of their parts, and it's an honest and comprehensive listing so far as I've seen. Your MOBO is listed as compatible with every version of the CNPS-7000/7700 that fits socket939.

Look to Zalman again for the video card cooling solution if you want more than ATi provides. The VF-700 GPU cooler is compatible with all of the X800 cards. The VF700 comes with a four-headed 3-pin connector adapter, allowing you two 12v and two 5v options, so that you can run it (and/or other fans nearby fans) slow and quiet if you choose.

Lastly, the Zalman fan controller. It has it's own wiring of adequate length, as shown:


Really, Zalman answers all of these questions on their own site. Oh, and the Ninja is a great heatsink for the P180, can be run passively given the close proximity of two 120mm exhaust fans, and will therefore be quieter than a Zalman CNPS-7000.
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Post by Lubb » Tue Aug 30, 2005 2:56 am

For the CPU cooler I looked at the Thermaltake Sonic Tower (also passive). What's the advantage of the Scythe Ninja? Just smaller overall?
I checked out passive GPU too, the Thermaltake Schooner but don't think I like the radiator sticking out the back. .....I even found one review that tried to use both these sinks at once on the exact same mobo I have--and they just barely fit.

It's been a while since I shopped for this stuff, maybe 12 months--last time a CPU sink with a single stubby heatpipe cost $200+. For the video I'l probably just get the Zalman all-copper VPU fan/sink.

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Post by PositiveSpin » Sat Sep 03, 2005 6:42 pm

The big difference between the Scythe Ninja and the Sonic Tower is that the Scythe works :-) The Sonic Tower has received some shocking reviews, and they sound well-deserved.

I'm using a Thermalright XP120 in a P180 - it works very well, but I'm not trying to run it fanless - it has a low speed Panaflo on it. If I was, I'd probably go for the Scythe Ninja, too.

Zalman make fine coolers, but you might want to consider the 9500 instead of the 7000Cu - the 9500 is all copper, too, but it's a lot lighter than the 7000Cu - the 7000Cu is substantially over the weight limit - and the 9500 cools better.

For the P180 that I'm trying to make noiseless, I'm using Zalman's Reserator 1+. Water cooling can take a lot of heat, and this one looks nice, too. This P180 will be fitted with a pair of passively cooled Gigabyte 6600GTs when I can source them (I want the 256Mb dual DVI version - it's new). The power supply is a Phantom 500. The only fan in this will be a case fan (experimenting with which to keep - the back or the top), plus maybe one in the power supply tunnel.

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Post by Shadowknight » Sat Sep 03, 2005 7:21 pm

CPU - Scythe Ninja. The Sonic Tower is usually well received on overclock sites, but they have to use 1,2, and even 3 fans on it for adequate performance. Reviews of this cooler ALWAYS involves a fan. Its' fin density is just too thick for air to get pulled through, a problem the Ninja doesn't have.
Case: Good choice
Zalman fan controller - the cables should be long enough. If you're going to try to make the extremely tidy, hide the cables type setup you'll want to get some extension cords
Videocard - On my x800 xt pe I have a Zalman ZM80C heatpipte cooler. I mounted a 92mm Nexus on it. It cools exactly as well as the stock heatsink at a much lower sound level. Also has the advantage that unlike the fanned Zalman, ATI Silencer, or Arctic Silencer you can just replace the fan if it goes bad instead of having to chuck the whole cooler out. The ZM80C is out of product, so get the ZM80D, which is a dual heatpipt model that comes withm memory sinks, I think
PSU - The Coolmax review on the main site made it kinda iffy, consider one of the 2005 Phantom models or a Silverstone/Etasis models as well.
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Post by Lubb » Sun Sep 04, 2005 11:00 am

PSU - The Coolmax review on the main site made it kinda iffy, consider one of the 2005 Phantom models or a Silverstone/Etasis models as well.
I don't think I understand the concept fo the way the SPCR is testing fanless PSU's, but that is a matter for another forum I guess.

And anyway--I got the 480W model, and it has a fan forcing air through it all the time anyway.

.....I think we're gonna need standard temp probes in PS's soon however--to know how llittle air they can get by on, you need accurate manufacturer testing and measuring....

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Post by Devonavar » Mon Sep 05, 2005 12:47 pm

Sorry in advance for going off topic.

Lubb, would you mind sharing your criticisms of our fanless methodology? We're currently revising our test methodology, and anything we can do to improve it should be included.

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