Tuniq 2: A case with an upside-down chassis layout

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Tuniq 2: A case with an upside-down chassis layout

Post by Slaugh » Wed Feb 22, 2006 10:47 pm

Tuniq is now offering a case that uses an upside-down chassis layout: The Tuniq 2.

This case is made of steel, measures 430 x 198 x 480 mm, weights 8.3 kg, is offered in two different colors and uses three 120mm fans for cooling (front, rear and VGA). They're talking of 16dbA @ 1000RMP for each fan ( :roll: ) . These fans are probably louder in the real world, but they could easily be replaced or undervolted. The case itself has a very elegant design... It makes me think of my old Yamaha speakers! :D

Here are some pictures of this case, the full specs and more pictures can be found on the Tuniq website:

Image Image Image Image Image

(Click on a picture for a larger view)
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