Fan questions for my p182 i7 860 10 hhd system

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Fan questions for my p182 i7 860 10 hhd system

Post by Patric99 » Fri Oct 23, 2009 9:21 am

Hopefully someone can help me with a small decision.

I have a p182 and now I have order some new stuff to upgrade my system with, I have only one thing left to decide and that is what scysths fans to get (flex or slipstream).

My set up will be the following, in the bottom compartment a corsair tx-650w
and 4 1.5 tb Samsung ecogreen.

Then I will have a Gigabyte p55 ud5 with a i7 860 cooled by a s1283 with a akasha apache pwr fan (possible a scychte slipstream also as, used as pull)

A ati 5770 cooled by Ac Accero l2 pro and in the hdd cage 1 ssd intel x-25 and one wd green 1.5 tb .

In the 5.25 i will have a coolmaster or lion le hhd cage 3(5.25) to 4 (3.5) and
in that I will have 4 1.5 tb ecogreen Samsung (no dvd or cd)

Now to the fans, I have decide I will use scythe fans and every case fan will be controlled by a zahlman ( 5-11 v)

In the top I will use a flex 1200.

And in the bottom compartment I think a slipstream 1200 will work best.
But what about the rear would a slipstream 1200 work or would the flex 1200 be better?

And the same goes for the hdd cage (the middle front fan place if counting the hdd cage in the 5.25 as upper front) and the upper front, slipstreams 1200 or flex 1200?

First I had set my mind set on using slipstreams but because slipstreams have low static pressure so will not be good at pushing air against the resistance, I now am undecided.

It´s really bugging my brain this, hopefully can some one help me make up my mind,

A small secondary question if doing a Fan swap for tx650 would you use a flex 1600 or 1900?

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Post by Catching » Sun Oct 25, 2009 11:50 pm

flex 1200 is better, my 3 friends using it and just get it without take tension.

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