Antec NSK3480 first case mod - some advice needed!

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Antec NSK3480 first case mod - some advice needed!

Post by Boissez » Mon Dec 27, 2010 6:04 pm

Hi folks.

I'm about to venture into my first case mod so I'd like to get some input from you knowledgable bunch.

I'm going to do the mods seen here to manage the cables:

I have a couple issues I'd like your feedback on:
1. I'd like to do some cutouts on the front to fit two 120mm fan (AC F12 @ 5V) to add some extra cooling. It seems no one has done that mod yet (or that I suck at using google) so I'd like to know if anyone has attempted the mod and failed.
2. I'd also like to know if you believe that removing a lot metal from the front and mounting two 120mm fans would cause some resonance?
3. This case currently runs with an Antec tri-cool 120mm and a CM hiper 212+ with stock PWM fan. Would it be worth it to replace them with AC F12's? Again I'm worried that adding one more fan running at the same speed may add some resonance. Another option would be replace both the exhaust fan and cpu fan with PWM F12's along wih a pwm splitter.

The setup I'll be mounting inside is this:

Core i5 2500K (when it comes out) OC'ed, overvolted and folding 24/7 with CM hiper 212+
A HD57xx class GFX
One 2,5" SSD an one 3,5" 7200rpm HDD
This machine should be almost silent when folding but I don't mind it being audible while gaming.

Your opinions are greatly appreciated.

Best regards.

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Re: Antec NSK3480 first case mod - some advice needed!

Post by sub » Tue Dec 28, 2010 12:58 am


Take a look at the beautiful Druneau's Mod

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Re: Antec NSK3480 first case mod - some advice needed!

Post by speedkar9 » Tue Dec 28, 2010 11:19 am

Assuming you blocked off the side vent, you don't need 2x120mm fans in the front.
One 120mm front intake, and one 120mm exhaust at the rear will suffice with your components. Consider a filtered fan on the case bottom to cool the graphics card.
Soft mounting the fans will insure vibrations will not transfer to the case, and weight dampening the panels with tiles or Acousti-pack or something will help dampen the vibration.
Get rid of the tri-cool, or at least undervolt and soft mount it too.

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