How Goes Work.

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How Goes Work.

Post by aristide1 » Wed Jan 08, 2014 8:02 pm

I've been an IT consultant for almost 8 months now. Coding phase is almost complete. I've been asked to join the test team, that's good. That work is 1800 miles away, there's no relocation or expenses paid. That's not so good. Final decision will be based on the usual, do I have any choice?

My goal was to work 2 quarters, now I have 3, first short term goal completed. Needed a new roof. Second short term goal complete. Crap, need a new crown, 3rd short term goal completed. New car? No, another year postponement. 297,000 miles, is it time yet? Too big an expense. Put something in my ROTH, first time in 4 years. Not much, better than nothing. So after 8 months checking account is about where is was when I started. I was hoping for better.

Job market seems pretty sparse. You can always find something if you don't mind being exploited, and by that I mean you work your 8 hours and get paid for them, you supply 24/7 coverage for free, you meet deadlines (with OT) for free, and your pay is $15/hr below average. And you spend countless hours supplying work to off shore people who's English I can't understand when they are right next to me, let alone through a 1.5" speaker in a phone.

Memo to self - must learn dot net.
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