Which is best for gaming, 4080 Super vs 4090?

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Which is best for gaming, 4080 Super vs 4090?

Post by anjunafunk » Wed Apr 10, 2024 12:52 am

I appreciate, overall the 4090 is a superior card, but for just gaming alone, surely the 4080 super is sufficient for my setup, which is the following:

- Ryzen 5950X
- 2TB Samsung 980 Pro
- Corsair Xeneon 45" Curved monitor running at 1440P as unfortunately that's all it does

Game wise, I am typically playing Squad, and when I get time, slightly more visually demanding games such as New World or other RPGs such as Cyberpunk or Baldurs Gate 3.

I have a 3090 at the moment, and that was fine until I switched to the new monitor, thinking its just getting strained due to the sheer size of the monitor?

I watched this video and it showed a significant boost between my current GPU and both of the above options:


Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Re: Which is best for gaming, 4080 Super vs 4090?

Post by Japanese Capacitor » Sat Apr 13, 2024 2:28 am

True difference between 4080S and 4090 is shown in heavy raytraced games. Then it goes from usual 25% to above 40%. And handling such games with their pretty graphics and nice fps is main reason to buy highend cards.

Don't even look at youtube banchmarks like you linked, because they are not always legit. Sometimes they are fake garbage with incorrect numbers, so things just aiming to get views from people seeking performance info and direct comparisons. There're reputable sources doing GPU reviews right and for years. It's worth to check as much of them as you can due to variance of testing methods.

Imo if you aim such a highend card (and btw already have pretty nice one), better wait for next generation to come in likely half a year. There's always option to wait for next and faster, but I think it's a little different with more money and less waiting than aiming e.g. next midrange card we can expect way later.

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Re: Which is best for gaming, 4080 Super vs 4090?

Post by CA_Steve » Sat Apr 13, 2024 5:22 am

Your wide screen monitor is 3440 x 1440? When looking at game benchmarks, is all about the number of pixels. So, you can look at the 1440p (2560 x 1440) benchmarks, multiply them by .74 and get a feel for the expected play on your rig.

Cyberpunk: Ray tracing is what kills the fps in this game. Techspot shows what happens at ultra quality and ray tracing on - you're seeing ~ 27fps on your rig? Even the 4090 would only give 52fps. With ray tracing off, Techspot sees 90fps for 1440p -> 67fps for you with ultra settings. Techpowerup sees 94fps for 1440p, 119fps with the 4080 Super and 144 for the 4090.

New World doesn't seem as demanding.

Baldur's Gate 3: Also isn't as demanding. Techpowerup shows 133fps @ 1440p (98fps for you) with the 3090.

So, Cyberpunk appears to be the most demanding game. If you can live w/o ray tracing, it looks like the 4080 Super would provide ~89fps, the 4090 106fps.

- Are you not seeing these types of results with your rig?

- Have you tried lowering the quality level below ultra to pop up your fps w/o significantly killing picture quality?

- As mentioned, you could always wait until the next gen cards come out in the fall. Typical uplift is one SKU-> the 5080 would have 4090 performance.

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