Quiet GPU for dual high resolution monitors

They make noise, too.

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Quiet GPU for dual high resolution monitors

Post by Hezu » Wed May 22, 2013 10:05 am

I just bought a new Dell U2713HM monitor to replace one of my old BenQ G2400W monitors. Now after setting up the new monitor, the older monitor is starting to look inferior and have already started to think that I may want to get second 27" WQHD display. Unfortunately I think that means that I should also update my graphics card since the current MSI Nvidia 9500 Silent card has DVI, HDMI and VGA outputs and if I understand correctly, only DVI can provide the needed 2560×1440 resolution. So, I would need a card which has at least two suitable outputs (DVI or DisplayPort) and since I ask on this forum the noise levels should be as low as possible. Since I don't really game I would be happy with fairly modest GPU power and as my computers run GNU/Linux I am leaning towards NVidia GPUs as these have slightly better Linux drivers. So, any suggestions for cards suiting my needs?

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Re: Quiet GPU for dual high resolution monitors

Post by CA_Steve » Wed May 22, 2013 12:05 pm

How about a GT 610? The connectors are DVI-I dual link - while the text never mentions it directly...

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