KVM from 2x to 2x.

They make noise, too.

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KVM from 2x to 2x.

Post by xen » Thu Dec 15, 2016 10:22 am

This is just a bit of an ugly picture of my (future) KVM setup.


Normally KVM is connecting one monitor and set of input devices to two computers.

In my case I want one computer (set of input devices + monitor) to be able to control two computers (desktops) and I also want both computers (desktops) to be able to send their image to any monitor.

So in the situation you see above I have:

- The black keyboard and mouse (from Logitech) will (in this situation at least) control the KVM that can switch its output (monitor) to the computer being selected as well as that computer is now controlled by that Black Logitech Set.

- The white keyboard and Microsoft mouse will (in this situation) control just the Black computer.

- The Black computer (mouse + keyboard) set user (so the Logitech user) (if that's not too confusing) sitting at the TV can then control both Black and White (computer).

- The person wielding the Black computer (mouse + keyboard) set can therefore direct the KVM.

- The person with the remote for the Receiver can direct the image displayed on the TV.

- The person wielding the remote or control or location of the Switch can ultimately direct the image on the Screen of the Monitor.

- So the VGA Switch is the master control for the monitor.
- The Receiver is the master control for the TV.
- The KVM sits in between the monitor and the two computers but is ultimately controlled (in output) by the VGA Switch, meaning that its image will only be displayed on the monitor if the VGA Switch directs it.

I mean that the KVM is one of the inputs of the Switch.
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