Acer first with Windows 10 'PC Phone'

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Acer first with Windows 10 'PC Phone'

Post by Eunos » Sat Sep 05, 2015 7:52 pm

Hi all,

It's not every day I see a new product that seems genuinely exciting, but this just might fit the bill.

Image ... phone.html

Windows 10 long promised to unify portable and PC operating systems, but will it be conceivable to have a single device serve both functions (excluding gaming, video editing, etc)? I'm thinking a powered hub with connections for input peripherals like keyboards, mice and external hard drives) would be needed in addition to the HDMI TV-out.

I'm not clear if this Acer would run all older Windows legacy applications or if there are any other catches, but I plan to watch this space.

What do you guys think? :P

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Re: Acer first with Windows 10 'PC Phone'

Post by QUIET! » Mon Sep 07, 2015 1:52 pm

I think it essentially uses the same hardware as the Intel Compute Stick which is very similar to the Acer convertible tablet I bought about a year ago.

I have used my convertible for many things including light weight Finite Element Analysis programs and it worked just fine although they were old programs designed to work on decade old hardware.

These CPUs are getting better but they are hobbled with things like eMMC solid state drives permanently soldered in, RAM that can't be upgraded, etc.

Knowing a little about MS, they will probably try to block any Windows phone from being a true desktop replacement.

By Christmas 2016 I think the hardware might be good enough to do a good job as a desktop replacement.

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