Advice on a new i7-860 build

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Advice on a new i7-860 build

Post by kvik » Sun Nov 08, 2009 3:59 pm

I am planning to buy a whole new system within a few weeks, and I'd like it to be as silent as possible, as my computer is turned on most of the time, and is currently placed in my livingroom.
Therefore, it needs to be silent, and if should also be as low-power as possible.

For the parts, I have chosen:

CPU: Intel i7-860
CPU-cooler: Scythe Mugen 2 with 2x Nexus 120mm real silent fan @5v
Motherboard: ASUS P7P55D Premium
Ram: 2x2GB OCZ Gold PC3-12800
Video card: Gigabyte ATI 4850 (passive cooled from stock)
Case: Antec Solo
PSU: Chill Innovation CP700M

I have silent harddrives and a DVD-burner already, which is why I didn't include that.

I would really like a video card which uses less power, and is more powerful, which I made a topic about in the Video Cards & Monitors forum.
But other than that, does the parts I have chosen look like it's going to be a [really] silent build?
Will the CPU-cooler even fit the case, and is the case even good enough?

I have chosen the Asus P7P55D Premium, as it is the only motherboard available right now, that has both USB3 and SATA3.
I am going to use the computer for 3-4 years, so I thought it was a good idea to get that already.

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Post by Kyocera » Mon Nov 09, 2009 12:15 am


I think that you're throwing away some serious money here.

An i7-920 system has the advantage of TWO full x16 lines, meaning that you can upgrade with a second graphic card; an i5 has one x16 slot (possible to use as two x8 slots-for two GPUs; unless you plan to upgrade to Nvidia GT300 this should satisfy your needs).

If you prefer an i5 PC over i7-920 I would take the following.
The prices are taken from GERMANY!! in euro! ( I do not speak Danish).

-Intel Core i5-750 155euro
-Asus P7P55D Pro- 140 euro
-G.Skill DDR3 (or other-depends on prices in Denmark) 1600MHz-PC3-12800 4GB for 75 euro
- XFX Nvidia GeForce 275 for 171euro (or ATI HD Vapor-X 4890)); Nvidia is till upper loads quite silent; you can water cool the Nvidia or mount some after market air cooling solution (there are many).

Lian Li PC-B10 175euro
Lian Li PC-B25 200euro
Lian Li A71 200 euro

You can add some noise insulating foam on the inside (as described in the section on this site).

As far as power supply goes I would need the info, how much money are you willing to depart with; the PSU is the most noise making element!!!

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Post by danimal » Mon Nov 09, 2009 9:17 am

the mugen-2 already comes with a quiet fan that is very good, read the spcr review... so you don't need to replace it with a nexus fan, just add one fan to it.

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