Advice for my pc (Antec Solo, E8400, Xigmatec S1283...

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Advice for my pc (Antec Solo, E8400, Xigmatec S1283...

Post by didons » Sun Feb 21, 2010 3:40 am

Hello, I'm trying to build a silent pc. Until now these are the components of my pc:

Antec Solo
Xigmatec HDT-S1283 fanless (well, the fan is still installed, but it's not connected)
Abit IN73HD
2GB Kingston ddr2
Corsair HX520
Maxtor 160GB
1xScythe Slipstream 800 rpm 12cm
1xNoiseblocker XE1 92mm @5v

The cpu temperature without the cooler's fan is around 40°C, is it to much? I tried to reduce the cooler fan speed with SpeedFan but it didn't work.
The Maxtor HDD is very noisy... Could you please suggest me a silent HDD?
Thank you very much

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Post by maalitehdas » Sun Feb 21, 2010 4:39 am

40C is not too much and it's quite normal IDLE temperature in fanless build. Do run a load test to see if you can run your E8400 without a fan. Usually that would need some undervolting and a big heatsink to do that.

A noisy HDD usually needs softer mounting, either with silicone plates or a tied mounting with rubberbandits/similar. Some of us have also put HDD just laying on top of soft foam in the bottom of the case. Any mount is good as long as there's not "hard touch" to the case. If it's still noisy, some acoustic dampening inside the case may offer a solution.

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Post by JL5 » Sun Feb 21, 2010 7:41 am

I think most newer HDDs are ok noise wise. You can minimize the clicking noise(seeks) if you put the HDD in an enclosure. I assume you are already suspending the HDD to remove the vibration noise(low humming).

If I had to pick a HDD, I would choose Hitachi 500GB "HDS721050CLA362" or a Samsung F3 drive. The variance between manufacturers are not that great(in terms of speed, silence, heat).
Not sure if Maxtor still makes drives, but an old one I tossed out was clicking like mad and was very hot. No idea if Maxtor has improved immensely.
Currently using a Samsung F1 and a Hitachi "HDT721064SLA360", both older generation drives. F1 has louder clicks and slightly more vibration noise(before suspending).
WD, Seagate, Toshiba etc. makes good drives too according to reviews. Just never tried them personally. Just get whatever is cheapest from newest generation and it will be fine.

Currently CPU is 30C, but I don't live in a particular warm area :D
Don't worry about CPU temp. They can handle upwards of 50-60C without a problem. Your bios has default of throttling CPU down if it gets too hot. If there is no stability issues it is fine.

As the software ungenius I am, have manual fan controllers set on fans vis a vis Zalman fanmate 2, and controllers from Noiseblocker, Nanoxia.

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Post by didons » Sun Feb 21, 2010 9:46 am

Hi, thanks for your replies.
I've already suspended the HDD but it's still noisy so I think I'll buy one of the HDDs you suggest. I have a zalman fan mate 2 but it only has a 3-pin connector... is there a way to use the fan mate with a 4 pin fan?
Thank you

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