I got the Qs but I'm missing the As :/

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I got the Qs but I'm missing the As :/

Post by GreenGoblin » Sun Jul 11, 2010 12:37 pm

Hi fellow enthusiasts :P

I got a few questions for you

I am buying a new rig basically only for WoW (1920x1200 max settings excluding shadows on ultra ofcourse) and I don't multitask seriously.

MB:GB 770TA-UD3 (trying to futureproof here with ddr3/sata3/usb3/ACC/reliable)

CPU:ATHLON II X3 435 (I heard wow only uses 2 cores anyway so I "need" the third core for the anti-virus, firewall and mp3 player and I will try to unlock the 4th core and L3 cash and overclock it a little bit)

Cooler:Scythe Mugen 2 (price:performance - best (atleast I think so))


RAM:KIT 2X2GB DDR3 1333 A-DATA (cheap)

HDD:750GB WD SATA2/32M/GREEN (silenced in a old custom made cd-rom :P )

PSU:Enermax MODU 87+ 600/700W


Case:Asus TA-M1

also 2 fans - on cooler and on back panel - 120mm low rpm

and now the questions:

1. Is the configuration enough to play WoW on that resolution with good framerate in raids ?

2. Is there really a point (financial) in buying that MB+CPU instead of buying better CPU and cheaper MB

3. Is the cooler the best solution for this setup ? (I don't want to spend twice the money just for 1-2 degrees C difference)

4. Is SAPPHIRE VAPOR-X HD5770 overkill and is it noisier than SAPPHIRE VAPOR-X HD5750 ? ( I can't find a Powercolor 5750 fanless in my country so please don't recommend it)

5. 750GB WD SATA2/32M/GREEN - Is it as quiet as the other WD green drives ?

6. Noise levels of the 600 and 700 of Enermax MODU 87 compared to the recommended 500 (yes no 500 in my country either) ?

7. Can I use my old Seasonic SS-351HT psu for this pc ?
7.1 what about if I unlock the cpu ?

I thank you in advance and any other suggestion and tips would be welcome :)

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Post by danimal » Sun Jul 11, 2010 2:42 pm

i don't know what the tdp of your cpu is, but i'm guessing that the mugen2 is more than a match for it... and you don't have to buy a cpu fan.

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Post by widdlecat » Tue Jul 13, 2010 7:44 am

I would definitely recommend going for at least the 5770 vid card for your desired resolution. The 5750 performs close to the older 4850. I have both cards and play at 1680x1050 res and a single card cannot run with all the bells and whistles effectively. I have two 5750s in CrossfireX and it does well now. If I were to play at your resolution, I personally would use a 5850 (available in Vapor-X) or possibly the new Nvidia 460s with decent factory overclock.
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