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What next beyond Zotac ION B ?

Posted: Mon Oct 04, 2010 7:06 am
by victorhortalives
I've managed to shrink my everyday PC down to a Small Black Box (SBB) with one moving part (slow speed fan) that sits on top (!) of my other powerful PC (in a P182) - that is usually off.

However to do that I had to use a Zotac ION, which was all very good at the time (last year), but now is irritating me with its slow response (even though I have the Atom running at 2GHz).

What should I try next (or should I wait for the next gen Atom) ?

Here's what I have now :

Zotac ITX ION-B mobo (with passive stock cooler)
2x 2GB 800Mhz Corsair memory
64GB Samsung MLC SSD - just recently reinstalled and reset.
Samsung DVD unit
1x 92mm Noctua fan blowing into the case (strapped to 4 convenient mounting points with knicker elastic) - controlled by Zalman unit mounted on the back of the case.
60W Pico PSU (system usually runs at 40W or so)
LianLi Q07 case

Kaspersky Internet
Open Office

I'd like to keep the case/PSU/SSD/fan and replace the mobo/memory - preferably with a passively cooled CPU (i.e. no extra fan)

Will the Intel i3 do the job ?

Thoughts ?


Posted: Mon Oct 04, 2010 8:44 am
by MikeC
Yes. But just about any non-embedded CPU will beat the Atom. Main issue is to make sure the onboard video does 1080p well... which most do these days. Earlier Intel chipsets on 775 boards might have a bit of trouble -- but not if the CPU is fast enough.

Re: What next beyond Zotac ION B ?

Posted: Mon Nov 01, 2010 6:16 am
by victorhortalives

I've bought the new Gigabyte ITX board with an Intel i3 to replace my old ATX system.
My concerns though are with the Power draw and the need for a fan based CPU cooler. (I bought the Scythe Samurai ZZ).
However as this was my "noisy" system anyway, it may well be as quiet.
I'll keep the Corsair PSU for the moment.

To replace the Zotac I'll have to wait for the next gen of Intel i3 so that I can get by with a 90W PicoPSU and, hopefully, a passive CPU cooler.

Is there a Fanless Scythe Ninja equivalent that works well with the i3 ? i.e. the only fan being the case fan @ 600rpm ?