Video editing workstation

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Re: Video editing workstation

Post by markanini » Sat Mar 15, 2014 12:59 pm

It's not a decoder, converter or ripper. It's a playback engine component that's currently supported by a few HTPC programs. What professional standards are you talking about? 10-bit output, 16-bit internal precision, linear-light processing, full color management with 274,625 point 3DLUT support?

Currently NLEs don't use it, but neither you or zsero have been able to explain how Premiere uses makes use of the GPU, so I mentioned it as a benchmark of sorts. No doubt, if a modern NLE uses GPU shader power under the hood the code would have to be more efficient than MadVR rather than less.

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Re: Video editing workstation

Post by zsero » Mon Mar 17, 2014 3:40 am

OK, I was reading about the SuperNOVA 650W Gold, and everywhere on internet all I found was that it's noisy and not compatible with Gigabyte boards. ... WL7BQ601C9 ... ssfire-atx
=> "This has to deal with a component we are using matching to ErP regulations"

I think you should not recommend this product, at least not for EU users.

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Re: Video editing workstation

Post by quest_for_silence » Mon Mar 17, 2014 5:39 am

zsero wrote:I think you should not recommend this product, at least not for EU users.

It's just a qui-pro-quo, zsero.
Unfortunately you have just picked the wrong product: I've not recommended that unit (SuperNOVA NEX650G). In my original post I wrote:
quest_for_silence wrote:The usual SPCR "favourites" (along with the Seasonic): the BeQuiet Dark Power Pro 10, the various Super Flower Leadex and King (Gold or Platinum, you can find it under several brand, like the EVGA SuperNOVA), the Enermax Platimax.

As you didn't know, EVGA uses different OEMs for their several PSUs.
The quoted Super Flower Leadex-based units among the EVGA SuperNOVA PSUs are only the 750/850/1000/1300W G2 (80Plus Gold) and P2 (80Plus Platinum) ones, and only those units are the ones I recommended (to be more clear: I don't recommend neither the SuperNOVA Classified, nor the SuperNOVA NEX you picked up).

If you don't like the EVGA branding, within Europe you can find them under the original Super Flower brand (even at lower wattages than EVGA ones): and perhaps CaseKing can be a good source for them, even for UK customers.

Finally, I don't understand your references to either "ErP regulation" or Gigabyte boards, but since you picked the wrong PSU, I won't address at all those concerns.

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