HDDs for 4K Video Editing - Drive Suggestions?

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HDDs for 4K Video Editing - Drive Suggestions?

Post by mschubb » Wed Sep 16, 2015 11:14 am

Some years ago, folks here recommended 1TB Samsung Spinpoint F1 drives for my relatively-quiet video editing rig and I have been very happy with a pair of them. But they need to be replaced, probably with 2TB drives. (One Spinpoint is generating errors. And 4K video files are just so much larger that I need more breathing room.)

I don't plan to use these in RAID. One will hold MEDIA (for current projects) and the other will handle EXPORTS & PREVIEWS. (My OS/Software and Media Cache each live on separate SSDs.)

Am I right to assume that I still need 7200RPM drives for editing video? Any current recommendations for a good balance of speed and quiet? I have read SPCR recommendations but many of the drives have been replaced by newer models. Plus Samsung and Hitachi have been acquired by other manufacturers...

Thanks in advance for any current wisdom or suggestions.

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Re: HDDs for 4K Video Editing - Drive Suggestions?

Post by QUIET! » Fri Sep 18, 2015 10:33 am

Intel had a 4k video editing demo at IDF. With a regular SSD, the editing was slow, around 10-15 fps. With NVMe Intel 750, editing was at a smooth 24+ fps so you could verify the output as you were editing and really didn't have to wait.

You could get by with HDDs but anything on SATA is going to be limiting with 4k, even good SATA SSDs.

To me that means that you should step up to SSDs or at the minimum get the highest performing HDD with noise that you can stand.

Ideally you would get an NVMe SSD, you can find 256gb Samsung 951s for under $200 I think. That should be fast enough and big enough to handle one project at a time.

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