Antec Customer Support - Totally Useless

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Post by BlackWhizz » Wed Mar 31, 2010 12:20 pm

Weird. I had a problem with my p180 mini (actually its right now). The top fan was not running properly (bearring makin' weird sounds).

I got a replacement within 5 days? It will arive friday. My RMA was sent in on monday.

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Post by Magilla » Thu Apr 08, 2010 5:38 am

Fallen Kell wrote:Just a follow-up to let everyone know. At least for my Antec Fusion Remote Max, the LCD seems to be fine. I am in the USA so I am not sure how this affects world-wide. The case I got has the black/white LCD, and as such, does not suffer the blue/pink box issue that many are reporting.

The backlight is still way to bright with clear acrylic, and really should get toned down, possibly with some tinting film or a voltage mod. It also suffers the same bone-headed design as to keep the full screen on even when the PC is powered off (you have to unplug the power supply or flip a power supply on/off switch to get the screen to turn off when shutdown).

Aside from that, it seems to be working as advertised. My case was Quality Control checked in 9-2009. Looks like Antec USA seems to have a least one QC guy with eyes and made sure they used something that was human readable. I haven't fooled with the software yet to see if it can tame down the backlight.
Just had a response from Antec re the pink/overbright LCD's in all Veris products. Seems the problem is a fault in manufacture, and they have no idea how to resolve it. The current official solution appears to be remove the LCD entirely, or simply turn it off!

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Re: Antec Customer Support - Totally Useless

Post by doberso » Fri May 22, 2020 12:25 am

The best I can say about their support in the UK is, it's none existant. Antec are simply uncontactable in any way, shape or form to illicit a response that bears any relation to the questions asked.

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