Lowest power consumption chipsets?

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Lowest power consumption chipsets?

Post by rado3105 » Thu Nov 28, 2013 3:07 pm

Hi can you tell me which are the lowest power consumption chipsets available on the market? Thanks

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Re: Lowest power consumption chipsets?

Post by Vicotnik » Sun Dec 01, 2013 12:21 am

You can find the TDP numbers from the manufacturer but today there is little difference between chipsets and they are all pretty low power. The model of the motherboard makes more of a difference. Boards with overclocking in mind tend to be a little less efficient at low loads. Intel and MSI have traditionally been good; ASUS and Gigabyte less so. But this changes and you will have to check reviews to be able to make an educated guess. The ASRock Haswell boards look ok for example.
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Re: Lowest power consumption chipsets?

Post by bmgp778 » Sat Feb 01, 2014 11:31 pm

Consumption of the more power is mostly depends upon the components attached with the motherboard like high performance graphic card and extra hard drives. Further Intel chip sets and ATX mother boards consume less energy as compare to AMD boards.

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