Donate: Lian Li PC-C50 (mATX case)

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Donate: Lian Li PC-C50 (mATX case)

Post by Swissguy » Thu Jul 28, 2011 7:54 am

Hi Mike,

I am looking for a HTPC case that can house a system with which i can play some games as well, and the above seems to fit that bill nicely.
As well, there are 2 (3 if you count the one on the backside) fan spots right at or near the CPU-Heatsink location, which should make it possible to run this case with just 1 fan (no designated HS fan).
On top of that, there is no 5.25 slot interfeering with the CPU-Heatsink placement, which enables the use of even the biggest heatsinks/passive operation.
CPU and PSU are farther away from each other than usual in mATX cases, which should help minimize heat.

Monies wired.


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