SOLD DFI UltraD/HR05 4400 x2/Hyper TX3 4gb PC4000 8800GTS

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SOLD DFI UltraD/HR05 4400 x2/Hyper TX3 4gb PC4000 8800GTS

Post by WARDOZER9 » Fri Oct 14, 2011 9:51 am

PENDING --> SOLD ---> SHIPPED ---> RECIEVED ---> HEATware exchanged to Towermax

I will ship first to established members with good HEATware or Beerology.

I have the following perfectly working combo for sale, all parts work and are in quite good shape considering their age:

DFI LanPartry UT NF4 Ultra-D ( board and ASUS flexible Sli bridge only ) with a Thermalright HR-05 Sli on the chipset
--- This is the earlier revision that does NOT have the epoxy over the contacts on the chipset which make it a 5 minute conversion to a Sli-D via the Nforce4 Ultra to Nforce4 Sli mod for this board

AMD Athlon 64 4400+ x2 ( 2.2ghz 2x 1mb L2 cache ) with a Cooler Master Hyper TX3
--- The TX3 comes with all mounting hardware and the brackets to mount a second fan

4gb PC4000
--- Kit one: G.Skill F1-4000USUS-2GBHZ
3-4-4-8 with 2.6v - 2.8v @ 250mhz ( 500mhz DDR )

--- Kit two: Mushkin XP4000 991483 0965-1
3-4-3-8 with 2.8v @ 250mhz ( 500mhz DDR )

--- Both kits have the same BrainPower PCB and Samsung UCCC IC's so they work perfectly together and should overclock about the same. The G.Skill has slightly looser SPD timings which is why it can take as low as 2.6v versus the Mushkin which has slightly tighter timings which can require more voltage.

BFG 8800GTS OC 512
--- Comes with the card and an HDTV component dongle only

I am looking for $130 + shipping from 61111 on the whole shebang but if there is no interest in the whole combo I will part it out in the next week or as soon as I get interest in all of the individual parts.

I can pull one of the 2gb kits and swap the 4400+ x2 with an Opty 165 for $100 + ship

If I part everything out here will be the prices of the individual parts:

DFI: $30 + ship
CPU + TX3 : $40 + ship
G.Skill: $30 + ship
Mushkin: $30 + ship
BFG: $30 + ship

My HEATware @ 104-0-0

I am also accepting trades for/towards all of this in the form of the following:

Zalman VF900-Cu

Nvidia Single-Slot Pci bracket with Dual-DVI and S-Video
--- I need this so I can use a GTS 250 in a Dell E521

High quality Multi Tool like a Leatherman Wave or similar

Good LED Flashlight like a Mini Mag LED

8 thru 32gb Class (10) MicroSD

Good Mountain bike parts, bike shop quality stuff, nothing pulled off a Kmart or WalMart bike


LG Optimus V for Virgin Mobile

Unopened Case/s or MRE's

01' TTR 225 parts
--- Handlebars
--- Shifter level
--- Front brake level
--- Clutch level

Anything else that you might think would interest me.
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Re: [FS/FT] DFI UltraD/HR05 4400 x2/Hyper TX3 4gb PC4000 880

Post by Towermax » Sat Oct 15, 2011 11:43 am

PM sent.

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