Seasonic SS-430HB/S

PSUs: The source of DC power for all components in the PC & often a big noise source.

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Seasonic SS-430HB/S

Post by je_zza » Mon May 01, 2006 4:25 pm

Hi All, want to know if anyone knows anything about this PSU?
doodddoo posted the following in the Seasonic S12-430: Beyond the Super Tornado thread, thats about all I've found on it in this site (and the entire net for that matter)
doodddoo wrote:I was just wondering if you guys could shed some light on this. I'm living in Osaka, Japan and I came across two types of Seasonic S12 430W models. One is the SS-430HB and the other is the SS-430HB/S. I know that OwlTech are distributing these Seasonic PSUs. The HB/S is slightly more expensive by 2,000 yen. I haven't found any solid information about what's improved... my Japanese reading skills are pretty poor, but from what I can read on the box (HB/S) is that it has an extra sticker saying that it includes a two ball-bearing fan or something... but I don't know whether if this is the same that's mentioned in the new revision of the 430HB.. A2? I also noticed that both the HB and HB/S have the PCI-e Connector logos along the bottom of the box, I'm assuming these are new revision...? I can't find any mention about rev. A1 or A2 anywhere on the boxes.

I just ran a google search on this model and it can be found here:

Seasonic SS-430HB/S ... S-HBS.html

My Kanji reading is pretty bad, but I think the site states that the HB/S uses a Sanyo-Denki 12cm fan.

Can anyone give me more information about this HB/S model and how it differs to the HB. Ultimately, I'm just looking to buy the quieter version. Many thanks.
Translated product page for SS-430HB/S

I bought one myself when I was in Tokyo recently and from my experience the fan makes an audible ticking noise :shock: which is a bit dissapointing. It very cool, the exhaust is normally only 5-7 degrees above ambient room temperature, with my P4 2.6C running two folding clients so I estimate its chewing 150W DC or so.

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