WD Raptor 150 GB. Impressions

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WD Raptor 150 GB. Impressions

Post by Chaendler » Sun Mar 05, 2006 1:09 pm

Well, I have just installed my new Raptor and I have to say: WOW.

I installed it directly into a Scythe Silent Box, and from where I am I cannot hear the seeks (and much less the whine).

Totally recomended! Maybe this is the quietest HD I have owned (besides barracuda IV).

Hope it helps :)

For your information, my quiet rig:

Akasa Acrilic Case with Acoustipad foam.
PSU silverstone 600w modded with a Nexus Fan Swap.
2 120mm akasa amber at the lowest possible voltage.
Scythe Ninja (passive) over my x2 3800
Polar Freezer (passive) cooling an X700 pro
Zalman cooler (passive) in the nforce chipset

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