A64 3200+ & XP120 temperatures

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A64 3200+ & XP120 temperatures

Post by scorp » Sun Jul 17, 2005 6:24 am

I have an ASUS A8V Deluxe with an AMD A64 3200+ (Winchester core). CnQ is enabled. As cooling I use an XP120 & Papst 120mm @ 1100 RPM & AS5. All this is installed into an Antec SLK3000B with the stock TriCool fan set to low (the side duct is removed). The idle temperature varies between 30 and 31C, while the load temperature goes up to 50C - 51C (the load temperature is obtained using S&M 1.7.2). I have an Akasa Pro fan controller and one of the senzors is placed just near the CPU (it touches its side). At idle the Akasa is reporting 31-32C (so just about the same as the MB). At load it reports 44C. Are those temperatures normal ? I have tried using Ceramique and I got temperatures with ~1C higher. With the Thermaright thermal goop I got temperatures higher with ~2C. I have tried re-applying the AS5 several times, but the temperatures remained pretty stable.

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Post by slashdotcomma » Sun Jul 17, 2005 8:15 am

Those temps are fine. Mine idle and max out at about the same temps. The side vent works quite well, and with it I usually can bring the temps down about 5º-7ºC. (Same winny, heatsink, and case, just asus a8n-sli) Just a couple questions, what's the rest of your setup? and do you have the front fan installed? Those other factors can easily change the temps at load, however 50ºC load is not bad at all.

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Post by scorp » Sun Jul 17, 2005 8:26 am

The complete setup is :

CPU : AMD Athlon64 3200+ (Winchester)
CPU Cooling : Thermalright XP-120 + Papst 4412F/2GL @ 1150RPM
MB : ASUS A8V Deluxe Rev 2.0, BIOS 1014.007 BETA
Memory : 2 x 512 MB Geil Value PC3200 (2.0-3-2-6-1T)
Video card : Leadtek A400GT @ 400/1100 w NV5 Silencer (BIOS modded for 2D : 250/1100 @ 35% fan; 3D : 400/1100 @ 65% fan)
HDD : 160 GB Samsung SP1614C NIDEC FDB w HDD Vibe Fixer & Papst 8412 N2/GL @ 1100 RPM
Sound card Audigy 2 ZS
DVD-RW : Teac 516GA
Case : Antec SLK3000B w TriCool 120mm @ 1200 RPM
PSU : Enermax EG495AX-VE
Fan controller : Akasa Fan Control Pro

The HDD Vibe Fixer is placed in a 5.25 drive bay and the 3.25 drive bay from the 3000B is taken out. I don't have an intake fan, but I have tried to see if I get better results with one, and I didn't relaly get any improvements. The CPU temps and the GPU temps remained largley the same (may 1C difference), so for noise reasons I just didn't used a front fan.

What made me wonder if I'm doing something wrong is the fact that a friend's A64 3000+ on an ASUS K8N-E has a load temperature of only 52C with the stock cooler. And his CPU should be considerably hotter than mine's (2000 MHz Newcastle (0.13) vs 2000 MHz Winchester (0.09)).

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Post by Project » Sun Jul 17, 2005 8:33 am

those temps are very good, mine idles at 45 passive and when i max it out, i think it goes to 50, or lower cause the fan just lowers the heat really fast. Im on an A64 3400+ on an asus k8n. Cool n quiet and Asus Fan Control PWNZ

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