Passive Heatsink I3 550

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Passive Heatsink I3 550

Post by thrax » Mon Apr 29, 2013 10:36 am

I just finished build my gaming pc and it has made me realize how loud the heatsink and fans are on my server. I wanted to upgrade the case my server was in because installing and removing hard drive is a nightmare and I love the hard drive arrangement in my new fractal design define r4.

I ended up getting another define r4 yesterday for $67 so I jumped on it. I was hoping to find a passive heatsink solution for my server so I only needed to use the stock fans that came with it. I was considering a True Sprit 120 or HR-02 Macho and removing the fan. I wanted to know if one of these or some other, cheaper LGA 1156 compatible heatsink would be sufficient.

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Re: Passive Heatsink I3 550

Post by Abula » Mon Apr 29, 2013 10:57 am

The HR02 has wider spacing than usual heatsinks, this makes it ideal cooler for low airflow applications, i honestly think you should be fine with the R4 and passive HR02 on idle, but load idk, i guess depends on what your server will be doing and what kind of airflow you will have on your R4. Personally i would suggest just to use the TY140 that comes with the HR02 macho, its a decent fan, i have been able to drop it to 700rpm on different mobos, so as long as your mobo can control pwm fans via the 4pin pwm fan connector (if your mobo has it) i think you should be fine, at max rpm 1300 the TY140 is loud.

Btw since you have R4 that has a white/black theme, in case you are interested, there is new version of the macho that only varies on the fan (from what i have read), comes with the TY147 that its the same specs at the TY140 but with white/black fan that should match well the R4 140mm fan color theme. Thermalright Macho Rev. A (BW) (=HR-02 Macho + Support Socket 2011 + Screw Driver)
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Re: Passive Heatsink I3 550

Post by HellDiverUK » Fri May 17, 2013 1:13 am

I use a Freezer Pro 7 with no fan on my i3-3225 in my server. Only two fans in the machine are the 120mm Fractal fans supplied. Your i3-550 should be OK with similar heatsink, assuming you have some case airflow.
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