Which CPU cooler to choose?

Cooling Processors quietly

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Which CPU cooler to choose?

Post by deepestblue » Mon May 18, 2015 4:17 am

Hi :)

First post here. Even though I've been snoobing around the site before. Great info and initiative :-)
Although I'm quite new to this, so would be great if someone could recommend a CPU cooler, that will fit into my setup and be reasonably quiet.
I'm thinking about overclocking to 4.0 ghz, but less might do, as I don't wan't to start upgrading case and too much, as its an old rig.
Also quietness means a lot if I can find a less noisy graphics cards too, soo it makes sense :)

Here's the info:

CPU Q9650 3.0ghz overclocking to 4.0 ghz or less on a P5KPL-AM socket LGA775 motherboard
Case: Antec-Inc Antec New Solution NSK Cabinet
Power supply 430Watt (I have 2 x 850 evo SSD's, 2 x 4TB Western digital red hdd's)

I have been reading about Scythe Kotetsu and others, but I doubt that it can fit!
I'm pretty sure I need my PCIe x1 below. I use my computer as a DAW and use the card for network processing between 3 computers.

Am thinking about switching out my PCIe x16 eVGA GeForce GT 640 - 2GB in the PCIe x16 slot below the x1
for another one with 2 x dvi dual-dvi-d that can drive 2 x 1440p displays in the pcie x1 slot if that is possible (saw someone do it with some lenght modification).
Maybe you can recommend me GPU thats better than my current for PCIe x1 or PCI if thats even possible. OR a quiter x16.

With all this said I doubt the Scythe Kotetsu can fit.
Perhaps there is a better chance with watercooling? But read in here that with 1 GPU fans are best though.
So thats why I'm posting in this thread :-)

Heres a picture of the desktop from the side, with a stock CPU cooler and everything:
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/191 ... G_4071.PNG
can you recommend me the best/most quiet cooler I could fit into this setup?
Perhaps a new GPU or more fans to make the current one quieter?

Would be greeeeeatly appreciated :-)

And I'm sure my current CPU would too :p I have to have the side of and back fan turned all the way up to prevent shutdown = veeeeery noisy

Looking forward to hear from you clever heads :)

Kind regards,


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Re: Which CPU cooler to choose?

Post by Pappnaas » Mon May 18, 2015 7:10 am

Welcome Kenni,

would be interesting to know which NSK it is exactly to determine the total height for a CPU cooler.

As first guess look at the Scythe Big Shuriken 2 Rev. B, will fit and will also cool a lot better and quieter than your stock one.

We could recommend a tower style cooler if we know the max. height available.

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Re: Which CPU cooler to choose?

Post by quest_for_silence » Mon May 18, 2015 8:22 am

Pappnaas wrote:Welcome Kenni,

would be interesting to know which NSK it is exactly to determine the total height for a CPU cooler.
It's a NSK6582 (the only model without the separate upper chamber in the original NSK-series which sports a 430W PSU).

So, I'm rather confident that the Kotetsu will (barely, tightly) fit: not due to height clearance, which should be enough without the pointless TAC duct all the originary NSKs sport, but because the LGA775 socket is much more closer to the PSU than contemporary ones.
As a matter of fact I'm expecting the Kotetsu will almost bulge against the PSU mountings: the OP can measure by himself whether there are at least 65mm from the cpu centre to the PSU support bars (or 66-67mm up to the PSU bottom panel).
Given the rather heavy overclocking (those quads may be power hogs when voltages increase, particularly before the latest E0 revision) and the cheap motherboard, maybe a top down cooler (like the Scythe Kabuto II) could be preferable (it will cool more effectively the mobo's power circuitry), and it wouldn't have any height clearance issue (not to mention the Kabuto II should have a better fan than the original Kotetsu one).

Quieting those enclosures is a relatively straightforward "affaire": the OP should swap the rear exhaust fan AND the PSU fan.

With reference to the GPU, given the rather low TDP (about 65W), swapping the cooler with an Accelero S1 Plus (or S3) seems to me the most convenient way to mute it. Obviously, with a suitable, new generation GPU (Maxwell), the OP may gain a considerable performance bump, but at a cost (at least 5-6 times the S1 Plus cost, set aside local pricing issues).

Eventually, given the presence of some suitable 5,25" bays, suspending the Red drives would complete the rig muting process.

P.S.: to the OP, some zip-ties to manage that "spaghetti" cabling would be a nice touch (there's plenty of unused space)! :wink:

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Re: Which CPU cooler to choose?

Post by deepestblue » Mon May 18, 2015 1:02 pm

Thanks guys! :D

Quest for Silence is right, its the NSK6582 :)

There's 90mm up to the PSU bottom panel from the cpu centre.
But I think I will try the Scythe Kabuto II, to be sure I don't run into any problems with the height clearence etc. :)

Perhaps someone can recommend me a rear exhaust and PSU fan? :)
Preferably something I can buy from edbpriser.dk, amazon.de, amazon.co.uk, amazon.fr, but I can also check on the sites myself :)

Cool, didn't think about switching out the fan of the GPU, I'll look into the Accelero S1 Plus. Would only buy a new GPU if it could increase my system ram hehe :-)

Oh, so you can buy 5,25" drive bays for the cabinet, to mount the Red's inside that makes them quieter?
If so, can you give me a link? Sounds interesting :-)
Or do you mean drive bays, so they are tightly fastened, but out in the open still?
I guess so, makes more sense concerning heat. Got one

Haha.. Will look in the spaghetti cabling as well, has been annoying me a bit ;P

Hope it doesn't give too much work, I'm not sure about which to look for, and you are in the knowhow of what's silent here, so your oppinions mean a lot.

Again, thanks :)

Kind regards,


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