YateLoon D12SL-12 or GlobalWin NCbearing fan

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Post by fyleow » Wed Jul 05, 2006 5:11 pm

Felger Carbon wrote:Different fans have different RPM/voltage curves for reasons of design and implementation. For example, the Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro fan falls off very fast in RPM as the voltage is lowered. This is not the sign of a bad fan; the test of a fan is how much noise it produces at a given CFM (degree of cooling). WRT the NCB versus the three-stage Antec fan, you have apparently made no effort to test the two fans at equal CFM (or, alternatively, at equal noise). Instead, your quality measure is cooling at 5V. Your money, your choice. Perhaps 5V is the only voltage you have available for your fans, but I use a Spire dual fan controller and so I have different criteria. I've found that at a given RPM level the NCB pushes as much air as any of its 120mm compatriots. I don't sweat the voltage; indeed, I usually don't know (or care) what voltage my fans are running.
Woah there, no need to get so hostile. Do you own Globalwin stock?

All I said was the Tricools perform about the same as the Globalwins if you set them to medium and power them at 5v. The Tricool has a higher RPM than the Globalwin so reducing the voltage on the Tricool lower than 5v puts them at about the same RPM and CFM.The motor noise on the Antec Tricools are pretty low, at least mine are, and it's comparable to the Globalwin.

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Re: YateLoon D12SL-12 or GlobalWin NCbearing fan

Post by Felger Carbon » Wed Jul 12, 2006 3:58 pm

openwheelformula1 wrote:need a new 120mm fan, but torn between YateLoon D12SL-12 and Globalwin NCbearing fan.

Please tell me the the pros and cons of each.
Done! :D

See User Reviews.

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