3 wire PCI Slot Fan?

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3 wire PCI Slot Fan?

Post by signal64 » Wed Feb 06, 2008 2:12 am

I'd like to control and monitor the speed of a PCI slot fan via the motherboard and have been searching for a 3 wire version (if such a thing exists).

I unfortunately need to keep to what's been a common form factor for this type of fan.


Does such a beast exist?

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Post by Bluefront » Wed Feb 06, 2008 2:58 am

I never saw such a fan, but there are plenty of two wire slot fans around.

Not to worry......you can make your own easily enough. In the Monster Slot Fan thread I posted pictures and descriptions. I've done this mod to at least six different fans, and at least two were 80x15mm. these can be adapted to blow out a PCI slot.....fairly easy mod.
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Post by signal64 » Wed Feb 06, 2008 3:29 am

Oooo... ok.. I have enough parts to play around with that.
I have the same Scythe fans and funny enough, an old internal CD ROM case looks to be useful for this experiment (I have the hole saws for metal work).

In the end it turns out I'm trying to get something like a "Lian Li BS-01 Aluminum Blower". Didn't know it existed.

I currently have a PCI Slot fan (that I pictured above) mounted horizontal above the PCI Slots in a rackmount case that has vent holes there.

I don't need high CFM and can do without the noise.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will give it a shot.

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