Fan direction in extreme vented case.

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Fan direction in extreme vented case.

Post by teek5449 » Sun May 09, 2010 7:50 am

This seems like it should be a somewhat obvious answer but I feel like I should ask for some opinions. I have a HTPC case, you know the ones with an almost entirely vented top, and has only one fan mounting location on the side of the case. It seems to me that if I have the fan pointing out (exhaust) as is the conventional direction that, due to the venting, I will only be pulling hot air from the immediate area as the negative pressure that would normally be generated is negated by the vented top and the area opposite the fan on the other side of the case would be unaffected and remain warmer than it should be. If I have the fan pointing inwards (sucking) then the cooler, ambient, air would at least reach the other side of the case (some loss due to the vented top) due to the air flow from the fan.

Am I way off on this theory? I have tried to search the forums and the internet with limited results that relate to this exact question.

So, in or out? Ideas?

EDIT: Just a quick thought about this: If I was to cover, or block, the vented top then would exhaust be more effective? It just seems to me that I lose a lot through the top vents. Oh, and I am running a fanless Atom motherboard so, even though I should be able to run completely fanless we all know that you still need 'some' airflow.

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Post by ascl » Sun May 09, 2010 1:49 pm

To ensure airflow through the whole case you are probably better off blocking the vents on the top (assuming there is some at the front anyway) and having the fan exhaust.

What you say sounds logical, but you will really need to try it and see what gives you the best results.

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