Recommended HSF for A64 Venice and LC11 case

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Recommended HSF for A64 Venice and LC11 case

Post by karmasalad » Sun Jul 03, 2005 1:30 pm

I'm planning on building a HTPC soon using a 3000+ Venice on the MSI RS480M2-IL mounted within a Silverstone LC11 case.

Given the cramped confines, I was wondering what HSF is recommended for quietly cooling this setup. Will the CNPS7000-AlCu work or does it need to be modded? Is it easy to mount on my mobo choice and case?

What other options are there?

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Post by Mr_Smartepants » Mon Jul 04, 2005 7:50 am

I was planning on using the exact same combo case/mobo/cpu but I've put my HTPC project on hold. That CPU cooler should fit (as in the SPCR case review) but you'll need to bend the fins.
The alternative I was pondering is to use an Alpha PAL8150T cooler (I'm a sucker for Alphas) and build a duct to use the side 80mm fan as the CPU exhaust so that the heatsink uses the vented 'bottom' as the intake.
You need to be careful about any other HSF units since the clearances on the side as well as the 'bottom' can get quite cramped (as you said).

Good luck. Looking forward to your pictures!
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