Anybody do any mods to make a PS4 quieter?

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Anybody do any mods to make a PS4 quieter?

Post by fanerman91 » Sun Feb 14, 2016 12:16 am

Hello all

Has anybody done any work on the PS4 to make it quieter? My PS4 is generally quiet but the fan ramps up on high load games. The fan noise doesn't have a bad characteristic to it, but it's still louder than I'd like.

I heard that poorly applied/poor quality thermal paste is a common issue for the APU/heatsink. I replaced the thermal paste but I'm still getting the fan ramp up. Has anybody done anything to the PS4 and found success?

Here's ifixit's teardown of the PS4.

The front of the PS4 looks like this: ... Cusv5nVEVF

Here are some pics of the heatsink: ... pPMABkXiJE ... gR6IfwqUfD ... OIgotjVmCZ

All 3 HSF pictures above are with the PS4 flipped over and turned around, so you're looking at the bottom of the PS4; the back of the PS4 is at the bottom of each image. The power supply brick runs along the back of the PS4 so there's minimal airflow there. The HSF is behind the USB ports at the front. The front is not "open". It seems like airflow only goes through the side.

It seems like the easiest way to reduce the APU temp is to open up the airflow. So the options are to open up the side of the PS4 more or cut a hole at the bottom and then put some feet on the PS4 so air can flow through the bottom.

Has anyone tried that or done anything else?

Hmm I guess there are youtube videos for it....

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Re: Anybody do any mods to make a PS4 quieter?

Post by Draxus65Bob » Mon Aug 22, 2016 11:32 am

This might be inefficient, but as well as opening the airflow and raising it, you could also buy a cheap / silent electric fan and have it blowing on the PS4 during those intensive games.

Also, my PC is quite loud and gaming with headphones blocks it out nicely :D

Derek Semeraro
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Re: Anybody do any mods to make a PS4 quieter?

Post by Derek Semeraro » Mon Sep 25, 2017 11:13 am

The PS4's high noise level is because of its fundamental design and won't be remedied simply by replacing the fan. There's a CPU, dedicated video chip and a full power brick densely packed inside of a very small chassis, not because of its fan. inherently designed has a CPU, dedicated video chip and a power brick inside of a very small chassis, which leaves very little room for air to circulate. Additionally, the system lacks ventilation and has an overall negative airflow. It has a small series of outtake vents on the back side, but it has no intake vents at all. The bottom, top and two sides have no ventilation and the chassis itself is made of plastic (which does not conduct heat into the air).

Perhaps the most effective way to mod the PS4 would be the remove both the top and bottom parts of its outer shell and using a tool to carve dime sized holes into them so the system can breathe. But, of course, you would need to keep it in a safe place away from pets, small children and liquids.

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Re: Anybody do any mods to make a PS4 quieter?

Post by Serachja » Wed Apr 04, 2018 12:35 pm

I know it's an old question and an old thread but I recently just cut an opening above the PS4-Heatsink into the PS4 case and put a Waterblock (with thermal paste) on top of the Heatsink. Everyting else of the PS4 remains stock. Then I connected the block to my waterblock loop (actually to my 45 liter aquarium without fishes, it only serves to passiv cool my systems). The temps of the PS4 are now the coolest ever and the fan does only slightly turn on when I turn off the pump for a good while (so the fan still would works :-) )

Maybe this helps someone else or maybe it is the same with the PS4 Pro or PS5 :-)

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