The story of my 6800GT mod :)

They make noise, too.

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The story of my 6800GT mod :)

Post by niels007 » Sat Sep 23, 2006 8:11 am

Hey guys,

Since I got a cheap and 'decent enough' Nvidia 6800GT I've almost gotten used to the noise it makes. However it made my DIY wooden case ( ) rather useless as the GFx fan was about 5x louder than the whole system before. So, this 6800 had to be modded, a bit like my previous 9700Pro AIW ( )

This time however I had no suitable left over heatsinks and I didn't want to have a really weighty sollution. The stock heatsink is minute, and with the fan at 'minimum' speed (still loud) things where hot, about 105c when gaming. I then saw that a local pc store had Arctic Cooling heatsinks, including the Accelero X1 which is lightweight, has some heatpipes, and a lot more surface area than the stock cooler. I wasn't going to just plug it in, I'd want the cooling to come from my front case fan once again. Here goes!

The original taken off, weird cloths type things used on the RAM

thermal pads on the RAM, nice thin layer of AS5 on the core..

Its a bit bigger than the old one eh.. :)

careful construction of a fan adapter..

front to back airflow through the duct.

So how does it work? Better than expected. The heatsink fins aren't alligned with the airflow. The reason I just 'went and did it' was the tinyness of the original heatsink: surely any airflow over a bigger heatsink should give good enough results.. The result of this very academic (ahem..) approach:

Idle: 74c
Load: 102c

After the mod:
Idle: 63c
Load: 87c

The nexus is hooked up to the graphics card, with rivatuner set to 25% which seems to be about 600RPM. It stays at that RPM in 3D applications as its still cool enough. I might solder a resistor inline to make 25% ~400rpm and have it ramp up under 3D gaming. But with a 600RPM nexus.. its barely audible so I'll probably leave it as is.

Success! :)


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