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News for 2011-03-14

* AMD will refresh E-Series APUs lineup in Q3 2011. E-450 will have 3% faster CPU and 22% faster GPU than E-350 all at the same 18W TDP. While the 3% CPU clock bump is slight one major feature addition will change the importance of the stock CPU clock speed. The new E-450 will include Turbo Core technology so it will auto overclock as needed (and still stay inside the 18W TDP). Source X-Bit labs.

* AMD FX ''Zambezi'' Processor Box-Art Revealed

* Bulldozer chips in June, Llano in July. (Llano is the desktop/mid range option). By comparison the tiers are roughly

APU     Status   Series   Process   TDP     CPUs Radeon Cores
Ontario Launched C-Series 40nm bulk  9W     1-2   80
Zacate  Launched E-Series 40nm bulk 18W     1-2   80
Llano   Q2 2011  A-Series 32nm SOI  25W~59W 2-4  160-400

Leaked model information includes

A8-3550 Quad Core CPU with 400 Radeon cores (presumably 59W TDP)
A6-3450 Quad Core CPU with 320 Radeon cores (unknown TDP)
A4-3350 Dual Core CPU with 160 Radeon cores (presumably 25W TDP)

E2-3250 Dual Core CPU with 160 Radeon cores (presumably 25W TDP)

The E2-3250 is an odd item as it is a A series CPU in socket, TDP, design, but an E series CPU in marketing. It seems odd to cross CPU socket marketing like that.

As to the A series APUs, while 25W might not be impressively low power in a laptop it should be considerably better on a mini-ITX board or micro-ATX board for desktop use than the E series. The Quad core versions could even be used on a full ATX design with multiple PCIe x16 slots (think hybrid Crossfire if AMD chooses to support/promote such).

Note also those are maximum TDPs as in there will be a 25W APU that idles much lower but won't go over 25W and there will be a 59W APU that idles much lower but won't go over 59W. We'll have to wait for reviews to know actual measured idle power but for those who asked when the follow up to Zacate E Series fusion chips would come the answer is simple. They'll be here summer 2011 and should make for an interesting release.

* TechPowerUp Radeon Bios Editor (RBE) v1.28 released

* Scythe Announces New Card Reader Kama Reader Jr

* Antec Sonata IV case review

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