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Graphics Card Coil Whine; An Investigation

The title of this piece is worthy of SPCR, but it comes from a fellow Canadian site, Hardware Canucks. "Coil whine. It’s long been the bane of graphics cards and judging from the reaction on many forums the current darlings of NVIDIA’s lineup, the GTX 970 and GTX 980, may suffer from the same nagging issue as previous Radeon and GeForce products. Multiple posts and retailer feedback sections show a number of coil noise complaints but how widespread is it?"

They "published a chart which reflects our notes of each card dating back to the HD 7990’s launch. They show both AMD and NVIDIA cards along with their subjectively measured coil whine output (none, mild, moderate or extreme) in Hitman Absolution at 1440P and within FurMark." The table features multiple samples of GTX 980, 970, 780ti, 780, 770 and Titan Z from nVidia, and 295X, 290X, 290, and 7990 cards from AMD. Well worth examining!

Graphics Card Coil Whine; An Investigation by Hardware Canucks

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