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Hush Technologies Silent Mini-ITX PC: WOW!

Hush Technologies' new Silent Mini-ITX PC will be launched in Hanover, Germany at CeBIT 2003 on Wednesday. It looks for all the world like a miniature high end stereo amplifier, or a smaller sleeker version of the Signum Data Future Client.

The first of a family of products designed to solve the issue of noise, the Hush Mini-ITX PC sports a custom built CPU & Northbridge heat-sink linked directly to the side of the finned chassis, bringing passive (totally silent) cooling to any EPIA motherboards. It looks like heat pipes may be used for heat transfer.

Hush PC Systems will be fully configurable with a choice of case colour, motherboard, memory, hard drive and several CD/DVD drive options. OEM customers will be able to further tailor their systems with custom chassis colours and front and rear panel designs. Mini-ITX is the exclusive UK dealer.


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