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Dualcore Shootout, Noise & Efficiency on... ZDNet!

ZDNet, not often vocal in the CPU wars, just published a comparison between the AMD 3800+ and the Intel D 820. Its conclusion leaves little room for doubt and echoes the opin of innumerable enthusiast review sites:

AMD currently offers the most attractive dual core option. The entry level Athlon 64 X2 3800+ may cost $87 more than its Intel counterpart, the Pentium D 820, but the AMD chip is a much better performer. It also uses considerably less power. A typical Athlon 64 X2 3800+ system uses less than 100W, while an equivalent Intel-based system uses about 50 per cent more, so it will be easier to build a quiet office PC around an AMD dual core chip. The lower electricity cost could also be a significant factor in enterprises with several thousand PCs.

Note the SPCR-esque references to quiet and reduced energy consumption — this is very worthy of note, as it appears in one of the most mainstream of tech publications. The number of people this message can reach is phenomenal compared to SPCR's typical audience size.


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