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SPCR v2.0 - Site redesign, visual & functional

The look, organization and feel of Silent PC Review was changed early this evening (Sunday, April 16, 2006). It is the first global change made to the site since the launch over four years ago. The visual changes are easily seen, but the functional ones are a bit less obvious. You will see them as you navigate through the various sections.

One of the major changes is the listing of complete summary information for articles (listed in reverse chronological order) in each category, including date, title, and fully summary. There are other more subtle ones, such as certain cross-topical articles appearing in more than one category.

The article index has a variety of user options for listing SPCR contents. A lot of people have asked for this in the past. Try playing with it; it should help you find articles more easily.

We think the organization of and access to information is improved. For administrators and content creators, the back end changes are immensely beneficial and will shave at least half an hour of coding work on any article. We hope you enjoy the new design. It's been in the making for many months.

SPCR regulars have already begun a discussion about these changes



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