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35W AMD X2 3800+ in HP s7600e series PC

Hewlett-Packard, which overtook Dell as the world's biggest personal computer maker by shipments in Q3 2006 for the first time in three years, has a new enegy efficient PC in its AMD CPU based s7600e series PC. One of the three CPU options in the compact Slimline s-series chassis (just 9.75"H x 4.375"W x 13.125"D) is the much talked-about low power 35W AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ dual-core processor.

It is the first market appearance of this processor that we know about. Described by AMD as an "Energy Efficient Small Form Factor Desktop Processor", the 35W X2 3800+ has been impossible to find in the retail markets; we know now that all the production probably went to HP (along with a handful to reviewers) for this new model. The other processor options in this s7600e HP are 35W Semprons.

SPCR is eager to examine a sample to consider both its power and acoustic characteristics. Getting the attention of the right people at HP could be a challenge; we might have to order one to check it out. Considering that the price starts at just $454.99, even we might be able to afford it.

Thanks to SPCR forum member Spartanicus, you can take a look at the technical details buried at HP's site: It turns out to be a mini-ITX AM2 socket board made by Asus, model A8N-BR. That makes it very unique; it's the first AM2 m-ITX board we've heard of.

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