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Zonbu discount for SPCR readers

Zonbu is offering a 5% discount on their products for SPCR buyers. Use coupon code SILENTPC or just click this link to receive your special discount.

Zonbu is a completely silent PC which has many other attractive features and benefits including:

  • silent and reliable because there is no moving parts - no hard disk, no fan
  • affordable at $99 plus a two-year service contract
  • hassle-free experience with transparent software update, unlimited support and automatic backup for $14.95 a month
  • eco-friendly - the first consumer PC to receive EPEAT Gold, it consumes only 9W on average.

It's a viable alternative to a conventional PC, especially for people who don't want to become a computer expert but want one for its benefits.

Zonbu has received many awards, including Top 10 Most Brilliant Gadgets by Popular Mechanics Magazine, and a runner-up of the Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award. For more info, please visit



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