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Massive Fan Update

SPCR is always working to improve testing procedures, and every once in a while we make a breakthrough that massively changes the way we go about testing hardware. Recently, we had such a breakthrough in our airflow testing methodology.

The problem with breakthroughs is they tend to make things obsolete. Such is the case with our current database of airflow results — our new method improved things so much that we have to throw out all of our existing results and start again. After countless days refining our test procedure — and several more of retesting — we proudly present the fruit of our efforts. With the exception of some obsolete 80mm fans, every fan in our database has been retested with the new test procedure. Watch for a more in-depth description of the changes in our test lab coming later this week.

While most of the results changed, for the most part our opinion of the fans and their general ranking did not change. A few unusual fans with unusual blade or frame geometry have changed, and these are noted in the original reviews. By and large, the airflow results went down, especially at higher speeds and for smaller fans. Generally, results below ~25 CFM did not change by more than 2~3 CFM.

Fan Round-up #1: 80mm fans
Fan Round-up #2: 120mm fans
Fan Round-up #3: 92mm fans
Fan Round-up #4: 120mm fans (again)

Unusual Fans
Noctua NF-S12 Series
SilenX Ixtrema Pro
Arctic Cooling Arctic Fan 12L

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